As women age, experience pregnancy, and go through childbirth, their bodies tend to experience some significant changes, many of which can take place around the vaginal area. For example, the vaginal tissue and surrounding skin can become loose and saggy, which may negatively impact your self-confidence and your enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Fortunately, with advancements in cosmetic surgery for women, rejuvenating the vaginal area is simpler than ever before. If you’re interested in enhancing the appearance, feel, and function of your genitalia, you should consider undergoing Designer Vagina treatment with Dr. Maura Reinblatt.

What Is a Designer Vagina?

A Designer Vagina is a broad term for a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures performed on the vulva and vagina. Typically, the term refers to vaginal rejuvenation procedures, such as:

Labiaplasty - Labiaplasty is a popular surgical procedure performed to adjust the size and shape of the labia. Most commonly, the surgery is performed to make the labia smaller for aesthetic and/or comfort-related reasons. Labiaplasty can be an effective treatment option for women with enlarged, discolored, or asymmetrical labia.

Clitoral Hood Reduction - The clitoral hood is the skin fold that covers and protects the clitoris. Clitoral hood reduction is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of this skin fold. This procedure can be used to reduce irritation due to an enlarged clitoral hood or to increase sexual stimulation.

Vaginoplasty - Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to construct or repair a vagina. The surgery is often performed to repair and tighten the vagina after injury during childbirth or complications of pelvic floor disease. Vaginoplasty is also performed as a gender-affirming procedure to create new vaginas for transgender patients.

Labia Majoraplasty - Labia majoraplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of the labia majora, also known as the vaginal lips. The surgery, which typically involves the removal of excess skin and/or tissue, is regularly performed both for aesthetic reasons and to alleviate discomfort.

Designer Vaginas Westchester NY | Dr. Maura Reinblatt

Benefits of Designer Vagina Treatment

Designer Vagina treatments are versatile, effective procedures that can offer many significant benefits. The most common benefits of these treatments include:

  • Creating a more youthful-looking vagina
  • Tightening the vaginal tissue
  • Rejuvenating the vagina after aging or childbirth
  • Improving the size, shape, and symmetry of the labia
  • Alleviating vaginal discomfort and irritation
  • Increasing sexual stimulation and pleasure
  • Alleviating urinary incontinence
  • Creating a new vagina through gender-affirming surgery
  • Improved self-confidence and self-image

Your Designer Vagina Consultation

If you’re considering Designer Vagina treatment, the first step will be to have a private consultation with Dr. Reinblatt. She will ask you about what you’re hoping to achieve from the treatment, including your specific needs and aesthetic goals. Dr. Reinblatt will then go over your different treatment options with you and answer any questions that you may have. Based on your unique situation and preferences, you and the doctor will work together to devise a custom-tailored treatment plan. Additionally, Dr. Reinblatt will give you thorough instructions to prepare for your Designer Vagina procedure.

Recovery and Results

The specifics of your recovery after Designer Vagina treatment will depend on the details of your procedure. Dr. Reinblatt will provide you with detailed instructions to ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. You will likely need to rest for between one and two weeks before returning to work and resuming your normal routine. Additionally, you’ll probably need to wait at least four to six weeks before engaging in strenuous physical activity or sexual intercourse.

After most Designer Vagina procedures, the full results will become apparent approximately one to two weeks after surgery. With most of these surgeries, the effects will last for several years or even a lifetime.

Why Choose Dr. Reinblatt for Your Designer Vagina Treatment?

When you go with Dr. Maura Reinblatt for your Designer Vagina treatment, she will go the extra mile to understand your needs and create a treatment plan that fully addresses them. Dr. Reinblatt is a double board-certified plastic and general surgeon who prides herself on providing patient-centric care and consistently exceptional results. She and her team will ensure that you have a comfortable, low-stress experience and walk away from the procedure both feeling and looking significantly better. Contact our office today if you’d like to schedule a consultation.

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