If you have a heavy brow and droopy eyelids, a brow lift with Dr. Reinblatt can elevate these tissues and restore your youthful look.

Rejuvenating the eyes + brow: Dr. Reinblatt's unique approach

Aging around the eyes is caused by two features: the eyelids and the brow. They work together to frame your face and form your expression. As the brow droops with age, excess tissue gathers above the eyelids, causing a puffy, tired and angry appearance.

Dr. Reinblatt's brow lift technique is unique in that she performs brow lifts and eyelid surgery simultaneously. The forehead is lifted through the upper eyelid incision, so there are no extra scars. It's as discreet and simple as possible.

Candidates: A brow lift may be right for you if you wish to

  • Smooth facial creases and wrinkles
  • Elevate a drooping brow
  • Remove the "11" lines between your brows
  • Create a more pleasant expression
  • Open up your eyes
  • Look happier and more approachable

Candidates: How to know if a brow lift is right for you

Dr. Reinblatt's brow lift is ideal for men and women who:

Are in good physical and emotional health

Feature deep creases across the forehead

Possess furrows between the eyebrows

Suffer from excess skin in the eye area

Always look tired, sad or angry

Your brow lift surgery

Your New York brow lift with Dr. Reinblatt will be performed under general anesthesia. It is done as an outpatient procedure, so you may return home the very same day to begin the recovery process.

Dr. Reinblatt will combine your brow lift with eyelid surgery. It is a simple, quick and effective way to rejuvenate the area and restore a more youthful overall appearance.

To begin, Dr. Reinblatt will create a small incision well hidden within the natural folds of your eyelids. Through that opening, she will remove excess fat, skin and muscle to lift and contour the delicate eye area. From there, she will elevate and reposition the soft tissue underneath the brow to restore a smooth and youthful look.

Brow suspension

Depending on your needs, Dr. Reinblatt may combine your brow lift with a brow suspension, a surgery that is commonly done for ptosis. This procedure focuses on firming the skin around your brows and smoothing away unsightly wrinkles.

It involves using your forehead muscles to suspend the skin around your eyes. To accomplish this, Dr. Reinblatt will place material between the forehead and eyelid. This may be a synthetic material or a tendon from your thigh.

The recovery: What to expect

Keep your head elevated

Apply ice packs to minimize swelling

Avoid strenuous activities for up to two weeks

Return to work and your normal daily routine within about 10 days

It can take several weeks for all swelling to subside

Complete healing can take several months

Let's Get Together

Wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes and brow are a telltale sign of facial aging. Contact Dr. Reinblatt's office today to rejuvenate this area and restore your youthful expression.


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