After a mastectomy, many women feel a deep loss. Breast reconstruction in Westchester with Dr. Reinblatt can alleviate some of these feelings, and restore your sense of wholeness and femininity after fighting cancer.

Many women who have battled breast cancer know that stress and the emotional ups and downs can change how they feel about themselves. Some have concerns about their sexuality after battling breast cancer. Chemotherapy and a change in hormone levels can take a toll. It is quite normal to feel less confident about your body and wonder if you are still attractive.

Some of the changes in a woman’s body can be short term. However, those who have had a mastectomy may find themselves facing breast reconstruction surgery as the final step in their long journey. Breast reconstruction offers a chance to feel whole again. It’s an opportunity for many women to restore confidence and regain their feminine appearance.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction can be customized to each patient’s unique wishes and goals. The surgery can be performed using tissue expanders and implants, autologous flap creation, or fat grafting. The final stage of the process will also entail nipple reconstruction.

During your private consultation, our team will assist you in choosing the ideal techniques for your body, needs, and aesthetic preferences. After mastectomy, lumpectomy, injury, or trauma, reconstruction is the phase of a woman’s journey that makes her feel whole again. It has a high patient satisfaction rate when performed by a detailed and precision-minded artist, such as double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Reinblatt.

The immense benefits of breast reconstruction

  • Restore your feelings of femininity
  • Feel like yourself again
  • Eliminate the need to wear breast prosthesis
  • Increase your self-esteem and body confidence
Breast Reconstruction Westchester NY

What do reconstructed breasts look and feel like?

Visible lines will be present on the breasts, but they will fade with time

Reconstructed breasts won't have the same sensation as your original breasts

If only one breast is being reconstructed, Dr. Reinblatt will ensure that it looks like the opposite side

Did You Know?

It is estimated that one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

The timeline: When should you have reconstruction?

Many women choose to have reconstruction at the same time as their mastectomy. This is known as immediate reconstruction. As soon as the breast is removed, Dr. Reinblatt will step in to reconstruct your chest.

It is also possible to have your reconstruction months or years after your first surgery. This is known as delayed or secondary reconstruction. This may be appropriate if your cancer treatment involves radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments can affect the size, color, texture and appearance of your reconstructed breast, so you will likely want to wait until they are complete.

Unhappy with your first breast reconstruction?

Dr. Reinblatt also sees Westchester breast reconstruction patients who are unhappy with the results of their first breast reconstruction with another surgeon. In these cases, common complaints include:

  • Large scars


    Poorly positioned implants

  • Capsular contracture

    Hollow areas


If this occurs, Dr. Reinblatt will perform a revision reconstruction. She will identify the precise changes that need to be made to address your complaints and create the chest you want and deserve.

Types of breast reconstruction surgeries

With Dr. Reinblatt, you have three main options in terms of breast reconstruction surgeries: tissue expanders, flap reconstruction and fat grafting:

Tissue Expanders

With this approach, tissue expanders are placed beneath the skin and Dr. Reinblatt will add saline to the expanders once a week to stretch the area. Once the skin is sufficiently stretched, Dr. Reinblatt will perform a two-stage procedure to remove the expander and replace it with a permanent breast implant.

Tissue Expanders

Flap Reconstruction

Flap reconstruction involves taking muscle, tissue, skin and fat from another area of the body and using these elements to construct a new breast mound. The donor site can be the abdomen, back, buttock or thigh, and the incisions will be well-concealed along the bra line. If necessary, a breast implant can be placed underneath the flap.

Flap Reconstruction

Fat Grafting

Also known as a fat transfer, fat grafting is a new reconstruction technique that's popular among many of Dr. Reinblatt's Westchester breast reconstruction patients. It involves removing fat from the thighs, belly or butt via liposuction. From there, Dr. Reinblatt will process and re-inject the fat into the breasts to create a new chest.

Fat Grafting

The recovery: What to expect

  • Do not sleep on your side or stomach for the first week
  • Take your pain medication and antibiotics as directed
  • You can expect bruising and swelling for up to eight weeks
  • It can take a year or longer for the area to fully heal and for your scars to fade
  • Avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Are saline or silicone implants better for breast reconstruction?

The FDA has approved both saline and silicone implants for women electing to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Both types of implants have an excellent safety record. Both come in various sizes and can offer a natural look. Determining which implant is best for you is based on personal preference as well as body type.

A silicone breast implant consists of a silicone outer shell that is filled with a cohesive silicone gel. It can be a smooth shell that moves freely within the breast or a textured shell that attaches to the surrounding body tissue. A saline implant is filled with sterile salt water or saline. This type of implant can be adjusted and filled during surgery. Both saline and silicone implants are designed to be long-lasting.

Breast Reconstruction Westchester

I had a single mastectomy. Will my newly reconstructed breast look similar to my other one?

Many times women only need to have a single mastectomy, which presents the challenge of matching the reconstructed breast to the existing breast. The goal of breast reconstruction after a single mastectomy is to restore symmetry and sometimes you may need an adjustment to the other breast.

Dr. Reinblatt is a skilled Westchester plastic surgeon who has completed many successful breast reconstructions. It may take a few adjustments after the initial surgery to obtain a well-balanced, natural look, but her skill and experience will ensure that you will look your best.

Do I have to be done with radiation and chemo treatments before getting breast reconstruction done?

There are no hard and fast rules as to when to have breast reconstruction. There are many benefits to doing it immediately, even during your mastectomy. However, there are also some points to consider before jumping right in with surgery. Consult with Dr. Reinblatt as soon after the cancer diagnosis as possible to determine the approach that will be best for you.

Let's Get Together

For many women, reconstruction is a way of reclaiming their bodies after fighting breast cancer. Contact Dr. Reinblatt's office today to schedule a consultation for one of the best surgeries of breast reconstruction Westchester, NY has to offer.


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