Inverted nipples point inward, rather than protrude. It is a distressing condition for both men and women, but fortunately, it can be corrected with a simple procedure.

The basics: What you need to know about inverted nipple repair

  • Quick, 30-minute procedure
  • 1 to 2 day recovery period
  • Breastfeeding ability can be preserved
  • Done under local anesthesia
  • Nipple sensation typically remains unchanged

Did You Know?

It's estimated that 9 to 10 percent of women have at least one inverted nipple.

Do you need to fix inverted nipples?

Inverted nipples can occur in one or both breasts, and affect both men and women. Your nipples may invert only occasionally, due to stimulation or temperature changes, or they may point inward permanently.

In either case, inverted nipples rarely affect patient health or nipple sensitivity. In fact, most patients treat their condition for aesthetic reasons only.

When is an inverted nipple cause for concern?

If your nipple has always been inverted, it isn't usually a medical issue. However, it's important to have your breasts checked by a doctor if your nipple has recently turned inward. In rare cases, it can signal breast cancer.

The scale: How to grade your nipple inversion

Physicians grade nipple inversion to determine the extent of the condition and identify the best solution:

Grade 1

Breastfeeding, stimulation or manual manipulation can pull the nipple out, and it may protrude for a period of time before retracting again.

Grade 2

It's slightly more difficult to pull the nipple out and it retracts when released.

Grade 3

The nipple is always inverted, and it is close to impossible to draw it out.

Your nipple inversion repair surgery

There are two surgical approaches to repairing inverted nipples. One preserves the milk ducts, and the other detaches them.

The first option is known as a "parachute flap" and it preserves your ability to breastfeed by ensuring that the duct system remains partially intact. Under local anesthesia, Dr. Reinblatt will make an incision along the base of the nipple. She will then lift the nipple and areola and sew them into a protruding shape.

The second approach is more common, but it results in an inability to breastfeed. To perform this procedure, Westchester plastic surgeon Dr. Reinblatt will make an incision at the base of the nipple and detach the ducts to allow the nipple to protrude naturally.

The recovery: What to expect

Discomfort, tenderness and swelling for two weeks

Any pain can be managed with over-the-counter medication

Most patients can return to work within one to two days

Your dissolvable sutures should clear within two weeks

Avoid strenuous activity until you're fully healed

Let's Get Together

Inverted nipple repair is a quick and simple solution to a distressing problem. Contact Dr. Reinblatt's office today to schedule your surgery.


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