The clitoral hood is the equivalent of a man's foreskin. It is tissue that surrounds and often covers the clitoris to protect it. If this tissue is too large, reducing it with surgery can dramatically improve sexual pleasure.

What are the benefits of a clitoral hood reduction?

  • Natural-looking results
  • More satisfying sexual experiences
  • Smaller and more attractive appearance
  • Enhanced feminine comfort

Candidates: How to know if clitoral hoodreduction is right for you

If you experience any of the following, you may be a candidate for clitoral hood reduction:

  • Diminished sexual pleasure
  • Self-consciousness due to appearance of clitoral hood
  • Difficulty becoming aroused and/or reaching orgasm
  • Discomfort when wearing tight clothing

Did You Know?

The clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerve endings. That's more than anywhere else on the body - and double the amount the penis has.

Clitoral Hood Reduction New York

Why does the size of my clitoral hood matter?

The clitoris is covered by a hood of tissue that is known as the "prepuce." This skin actually serves a very important purpose. It protects the clitoris from being constantly rubbed, which could result in desensitization, pain and over stimulation. It also keeps the area moist. In some women, the prepuce is too large or doesn't retract normally during intimacy. This can happen due to genetics, trauma or childbirth.

The clitoris has one function, and that is to provide sexual pleasure. Its ability to do so is diminished when the hood is too large. By reducing the size of the clitoral hood, many women can substantially improve sensation and enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences.

Clitoral hood reduction: The procedure

Clitoral hood reduction is a fairly simple procedure. If done on its own, it can be performed under local anesthesia. However, patients often undergo clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty simultaneously. In these cases, Dr. Reinblatt will administer general anesthesia.

During the procedure, Dr. Reinblatt will carefully and precisely remove a small amount of tissue to reduce the size of the hood. She will not touch the clitoris or any nerve endings, so there will be no loss of sensation or nerve damage.

The recovery: What to expect

Clitoral hood reduction is an outpatient procedure. That means you will be able to return home the very same day to begin the healing process.

For the first few days after surgery, you will need to rest. During this time, some discomfort and swelling is to be expected, though it should subside quickly. Dr. Reinblatt will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection and oral medication to manage the pain. In addition, you may use numbing cream as needed.

You will be instructed to use a spray bottle of water (and no soap) to keep the area clean. In general, most of our patients can resume their normal daily activities within a couple of days.

Let's Get Together

With years of experience performing vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, Dr. Reinblatt can help you reduce the size of your clitoral hood and maximize your sexual function. Make an appointment today and discover what this procedure can do for you.


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