Combat telltale signs of facial aging with a full or lower facelift

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Mini facelift

Address limited signs of aging throughout your face and neck.

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Rhinoplasty with Dr. Reinblatt can create a more attractive and balanced nose that better fits your face.

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Eyelid surgery

Target sagging skin, wrinkles and heavy bags with upper or lower eyelid surgery.

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Neck lift

Sagging skin, heavy jowls, wrinkles and a "turkey wattle" appearance can all be treated with one of Dr. Reinblatt's neck lifts.

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Ear surgery

Ear surgery is done to sculpt smaller, more symmetrical and less prominent ears.

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Ear lobe repair

Repair a torn or stretched earlobe due to trauma, an injury or heavy earrings.

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Brow lift

Dr. Reinblatt's unique approach to the brow lift involves rejuvenating the entire brow and eye area.

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Chin and Cheek augmentation

Reconstruct your sculpted facial contours with chin and cheek implants.

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Forehead Reduction

Reduce an overly large or high forehead with hairline lowering surgery

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