Dr. Reinblatt performs chin and cheek augmentation with facial implants. The procedure is done to enhance and reconstruct sculpted cheeks, chin and jawline.

Reveal the natural beauty of your facial contours

  • Improve chin and cheek symmetry
  • Sculpt an elegant jawline and defined chin
  • Restore a smooth and contoured facial appearance
  • Restore youthful fullness to the cheeks

When to consider facial implants

Dr. Reinblatt recommends chin and cheek augmentation with facial implants for men and women who have:

  • A weak or receding chin
  • A loss of cheek definition and fullness
  • Facial asymmetry or deformities

How to decide between facial implants and fillers

Both implants and dermal fillers can augment the chin and cheeks - but these approaches are best for different patients.

If your facial contours have diminished due to a loss of soft tissue, dermal fillers can help temporarily. However, if your issue is related to your bone structure, facial implants will be necessary. If your surgeon attempts to fix a structural issue with a filler, you will end up losing more facial definition and appearing overdone.

The basics: Facial implants at a glance

  • Procedure can take 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • General anesthesia
  • One week recovery period
  • Discreet scarring
  • Long-lasting results

Your chin and cheek augmentation procedure

Immediately before your surgery, Dr. Reinblatt will mark the area where the implants will be placed. From there, she will administer general anesthesia to ensure your comfort, before creating small incisions near where the implants are to be placed.

For a chin implant, she will create the incision underneath the chin or inside the mouth. For cheek implants, she will make the cuts inside the mouth or through a lower eyelid incision. In all of these cases, the incision will be extremely discreet and hidden from view.

Once the incision has been made, Dr. Reinblatt will create a pocket under the soft tissue and over the bone. She will then place the implant inside the pocket and position it. The pocket is precisely the same size as the implant, so it will not move or shift. Dr. Reinblatt will end the surgery by closing the incisions and applying a light dressing to minimize swelling.

The recovery: What to expect

  • Expect mild to moderate discomfort, bruising and swelling for one to two days
  • Apply cold compresses to minimize swelling, bruising and pain
  • Adopt a liquid-only diet for one to two days
  • Most patients can return to work within one week
  • You should be able to resume strenuous physical activity within six weeks


    Are my chin and cheek implants permanent?

    Facial implants typically provide patients with more youthful facial contours for the rest of their lives.

    However, in very rare cases it is possible for the implants to fracture due to trauma or become infected. If this occurs, you will need a revision procedure.

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    Let's Get Together

    Facial implants are among the most popular procedure Dr. Reinblatt offers. Contact her office today to schedule an appointment and discover what chin and cheek augmentation can do for you.


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