A rhinoplasty procedure isn't the only way to get the nose you want. A liquid rhinoplasty with dermal fillers can sculpt the straighter, more balanced nose you desire without going under the knife.

What can a liquid nose job do for you?

  • Smooth bumps or indentations on the nasal bridge
  • Address a pinched or bulbous nasal tip
  • Create a more symmetrical nose
  • Fix a low or retracted columella (tissue that separates nostrils)
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Enhance a flat nasal bridge
Liquid Rhinoplasty Westchester

The basics: What you need to know about the liquid nose job

  • Quick, 30-minute procedure
  • Virtually no recovery period
  • Immediate cosmetic results
  • Minimal bruising and swelling
  • Subtle + natural results

Candidates: How to know if this procedure is right for you?

To be considered a candidate for the liquid rhinoplasty, you should want to address cosmetic imperfections that the treatment can correct.

For example, a liquid rhinoplasty cannot:

  • Fix a wide nasal tip
  • Make your nose smaller
  • Help with a deviated septum

What to expect at your appointment

Your liquid rhinoplasty will be completely customized to your needs. Dr. Reinblatt will apply topical anesthetic cream so you won't feel any pain, and she will perform the procedure using Perlane, Voluma or Radiesse.

During the treatment, Dr. Reinblatt will add a precise amount of volume in strategic locations on the nose to achieve your desired outcome. For example, if you want to address a bump on your nose, she will add filler to the area to create a smooth appearance. If the tip of your nose scoops up, she can add volume along the bridge to create a straight and elegant nose.

FAQ Liquid Rhinoplasty

    Will this procedure make my nose look bigger?

    Even though the liquid rhinoplasty procedure technically involves adding volume to your nose, it will not look noticeably bigger. In fact, the end result often appears smaller and more symmetrical.

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    How long will the results of my liquid rhinoplasty last?

    How long your results endure will depend on the type of filler used. Dr. Reinblatt often uses Perlane, Voluma and Radiesse precisely because they are so long-lasting.

    Perlane and Radiesse can last up to 14 months and Voluma can last up to 20 months. When it breaks down, it does so slowly and evenly so your nose gradually returns to its smaller size. At that point, you will need to visit Dr. Reinblatt's office for a maintenance visit to preserve your new nose.

    Let's Get Together

    A liquid rhinoplasty can transform the appearance of your nose without surgery. Contact Dr. Reinblatt's New York office today to schedule an appointment and begin planning for your treatment experience.


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